Seeds Net Eu, appears as an initiative more in defense of biodiversity, with clear objectives, such as

.- The recovery of local varieties of seeds.

At seedsnet we believe that seeds are part of nations cultural heritage, developed by farmers and gardeners. Therefore, it is the people who have sovereignty and ownership of the seeds, as a collective right. 


.- To promote the free exchange of any type of seeds.

We consider the seed as a common good, under no ones’ tenure, with the understanding that its differences in characteristics are not susceptible to private registration. 


.- To thoroughly analyze UPOV agreement, its laws , regulations and measures that have emerged since.

We see that the national and international legislation in recent years have hindered and limited the human right to use and exchange seeds freely. The law promotes the right to private exploitation, in favor of the individual or legal entity that registers any variety under their name. 

Therefore benefitting large productions and economic growth, but disregarding quality, resulting in a clear detriment of biodiversity and of humanity itself, the true owners of this good.

We find it necessary to investigate and work on comparative law to create a legal frame under which we can legally defend this right against UPOV.